Direct Negligence of an 18 Wheeler Operator

A truck company can be found directly negligent in an accident if it negligently hired the driver of its truck, failed to ensure that the truck driver was properly licensed, negligently entrusted the truck driver with the truck, failed to instruct properly the truck driver on the safe use of the truck in terms of loading, unloading and driving, and for negligent maintenance of the truck as well as for failing to have truck properly equipped.personal injury lawyers = truck accidents

The trucking company has a “non-delegable duty,” i.e., a duty it cannot pass on to anyone else, to use reasonable care to equip and maintain the truck in compliance with the law. The truck must be equipped as required by statute and as is necessary for safe operation and must be maintained in a reasonably safe running condition. Failure to equip or maintain a truck as required by law gives rise to a presumption of negligence. No person can operate a commercial motor vehicle without a special driver’s license and without passing a special examination. A commercial truck driver who is convicted of any offense involving the safe operation of a truck or has his or her license or privileges suspended, revoked or canceled, must notify the employer within 30 days.

Under law, no person may be issued a commercial driver’s license until passing a written and driving test for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle which complies with the minimum Federal standards. Further, until a truck driver passes the airbrake component of the knowledge test, they must have a license which restricts them from operating trucks with air brakes.

Drivers that operate a double trailer, tank vehicle, carry hazardous materials, or transport certain kinds of loads require a special DMV endorsement to be able to drive.

Compensatory Damages in Truck Accident Cases.

In a truck accident case, plaintiff can recover for past medical expenses, future predicted medical expenses, past wage loss, future predicted wage loss and for past and future pain and suffering.The medical expenses are determined by the testimony of physicians or other health care providers. Frequently, an economist or an expert in the industry determines the amount of future wage loss; however, no expert can testify to the value of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is typically the most significant element of a plaintiff’s damage and it includes emotional distress. Contrary to popular belief, there is no formula for pain and suffering awards and it varies greatly from case to case depending upon the location of the case, the seriousness of the injury and how well the case is presented. Contact our Truck Accident Attorneys today

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Have bee in an Accident – Get a Good Attorney

For people who are injured in an accident, it is sad that most of them do not know that they can make claims on their injuries. Car accidents, medical mess ups and the like happen day to day. Do consider getting the help of a personal injury attorney if you were injured. personal injury lawyers

There are injury lawyers all around the area. You just need proper research, recommendation, and consultation in order to find the most reliable attorney for the job. If you need to find injury lawyers in your area, visit websites that can be trusted. If you will be using referrals from your family and friends, it is important that you verify your sources are legitimate.

A reputable practice is important when it comes to personal injury attorneys. The primary objective for the attorney working personal injury claims is to see to it that their clients get compensation for any financial or medical issues resulting from an accident. They represent clients in court and acquire compensation for them by providing the legal assistance they deserve.

You can find many personal injury lawyers, but keep in mind that searching for one you are comfortable with is that first step to getting restitution for the injuries you or your loved ones suffered. When you choose a law firm, make certain they have emergency contact information and round-the-clock legal assistance available to their clients. This way, it gives you assurance that you will be able to reach them at any time.

Aside from well-experienced attorneys in prominent law firms, they are crisis centers for injury victims who need further assistance. Aside from legal assistance, you can expect psychological help to be provided as well. You may also need the help of law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.

Highly skilled personal injury lawyers always fight for the benefits their clients deserve. It is vital that a personal injury lawyer be hired if you are injured. You may also need assistance with bill collectors as a result of your injury.

Since you already have a lot on you mind, personal injury lawyers make things easier to deal with as they work in the negotiations of your case. It is the job of a lawyer to get you the compensation that you are entitled to when you are injured in an accident. When you contact a law firm, make sure that a lawyer contacts you within 24 hours.
accident lawyers
Law firms have different kinds of attorneys when it comes to personal injury cases. There are other situations aside from car accidents that count as personal injury cases. Here, all kinds of cases from worker’s compensation, medical neglect and abuse, and franchise problems to wrongful death and mismanaged worker’s compensation are part of the mix.

Remember, personal injury damages affect both locals and tourists alike. In order to get the right compensation if you are injured in an accident, you have to work with a personal injury attorney who is competent and highly experienced in the field.

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Soft Water and Mineral Removal – Shower Head Filters

While many of us may not be aware of its presence in our water, chlorine is one of the most common additives used in modern drinking water. While it is intended to act as a purifying agent, the reality is that chlorine can be quite harmful to the health and beauty of those who are exposed to it on a regular basis. For more information about Shower Head filters for Hard Water click here

Almost everyone has at some time or the other experienced dry, flaky skin or brittle, frizzy hair that resists moisturizing products. Both these reactions are some of the milder effects of chlorine on the body. Over time, these symptoms can cause issues that are much more severe such as heart disease, skin damage, premature aging, hardening of the arteries and even a higher risk of developing cancer. This is why a chlorine shower filter is so important to your health and beauty.shower head filters for hard water

How Showering Increases Exposure to Chlorine

Showering in hot water, especially in an enclosed area can leave your body even more exposed to the contaminants in water. In this environment the heat of the water opens your pores and allows for deeper absorption and your lungs are exposed to a mist form of these contaminants as you breathe them in. Chlorine readily invades your body through both of these methods, making a shower the largest source for chlorine exposure. The longer and hotter the shower you take; the higher the concentration and level of absorption you will be exposed to. Shower head filters help to eliminate the chlorine.

Chlorine & its Effects on Chronic Conditions

In a hot shower environment where exposure is consistent, individuals suffering from health conditions such as eczema and asthma are at even higher risk. The more exposure you have, the higher the risk to your health. In those with preexisting conditions, this means an increased rate of attack and a more severe reaction. hard water shower head filters

In addition to removing the chlorine from the water, chlorine shower filters also remove other toxins from the water making it much safer for you and your family. Through the use of a KDF media, the chlorine is removed from your water using an electrochemical process. Being made from zinc and copper it is capable of reversing the process that separated chlorine from sodium in the brine solution it originally came from. Copper and zinc together causes a 900 to 1100 millivolt charge to occur. This causes a galvanic charge which is capable of recreating the original environment in which chlorine was separated from sodium. In this state, the chlorine recombines with metal (most often zinc) and creates a totally safe and harmless product known as zinc chloride. The KDF media in chlorine shower filters also works as a bacteriostatic and helps to reduce the risk of fungus, mildew and bacteria forming in your shower area.

Sounds complex? The good news is, installing a chlorine shower filter in your shower is simple and uncomplicated. In most homes, it is as simple as unscrewing the shower head, screwing on the shower head filter in its place and then screwing the shower head onto the end of the filter. These filters are well worth the investment especially for those with high exposure.

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