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Soft Water and Mineral Removal – Shower Head Filters

While many of us may not be aware of its presence in our water, chlorine is one of the most common additives used in modern drinking water. While it is intended to act as a purifying agent, the reality is that chlorine can be quite harmful to the health and beauty of those who are exposed to it on a regular basis. For more information about Shower Head filters for Hard Water click here

Almost everyone has at some time or the other experienced dry, flaky skin or brittle, frizzy hair that resists moisturizing products. Both these reactions are some of the milder effects of chlorine on the body. Over time, these symptoms can cause issues that are much more severe such as heart disease, skin damage, premature aging, hardening of the arteries and even a higher risk of developing cancer. This is why a chlorine shower filter is so important to your health and beauty.shower head filters for hard water

How Showering Increases Exposure to Chlorine

Showering in hot water, especially in an enclosed area can leave your body even more exposed to the contaminants in water. In this environment the heat of the water opens your pores and allows for deeper absorption and your lungs are exposed to a mist form of these contaminants as you breathe them in. Chlorine readily invades your body through both of these methods, making a shower the largest source for chlorine exposure. The longer and hotter the shower you take; the higher the concentration and level of absorption you will be exposed to. Shower head filters help to eliminate the chlorine.

Chlorine & its Effects on Chronic Conditions

In a hot shower environment where exposure is consistent, individuals suffering from health conditions such as eczema and asthma are at even higher risk. The more exposure you have, the higher the risk to your health. In those with preexisting conditions, this means an increased rate of attack and a more severe reaction. hard water shower head filters

In addition to removing the chlorine from the water, chlorine shower filters also remove other toxins from the water making it much safer for you and your family. Through the use of a KDF media, the chlorine is removed from your water using an electrochemical process. Being made from zinc and copper it is capable of reversing the process that separated chlorine from sodium in the brine solution it originally came from. Copper and zinc together causes a 900 to 1100 millivolt charge to occur. This causes a galvanic charge which is capable of recreating the original environment in which chlorine was separated from sodium. In this state, the chlorine recombines with metal (most often zinc) and creates a totally safe and harmless product known as zinc chloride. The KDF media in chlorine shower filters also works as a bacteriostatic and helps to reduce the risk of fungus, mildew and bacteria forming in your shower area.

Sounds complex? The good news is, installing a chlorine shower filter in your shower is simple and uncomplicated. In most homes, it is as simple as unscrewing the shower head, screwing on the shower head filter in its place and then screwing the shower head onto the end of the filter. These filters are well worth the investment especially for those with high exposure.

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Plumbers Tips You Should Know – Your Local Plumber

Plumbers Tips You Should Know

Check the floors in your bathroom for soft areas around the toilet to determine floor damage. You can wind up saving your money if you notice the problem as soon as possible.
It may be that you cannot control which plumber is sent to your house, though it is possible to read up on their qualifications. Take advantage of customer feedback on your insurance carriers website. This will give you a greater level of comfort than going into it blind.plumbing repairs

TIP! Use services like the Consumer Affairs Department to find a reputable contractor. You should verify that they hold a valid licence and look over any bad feedback filed against them.

Avoid dumping oil, fat, and other oils into your drain. This is primarily true if you are someone who has a garbage disposal; the fat can make the blades go slower and less efficiently. Make sure you dispose of oils in other places other than the sink.
Many people aren’t well-versed in plumbing, and choose to pay whatever the plumber is asking for. If you own your own home, you owe it to yoruself and your wallet to learn enough about plumbing basics to at least understand what a plumber is doing and why. If you’re armed with knowledge, you’re much less likely to be ripped off.

TIP! A normal pipe snake can clean out your washing machine’s drain stack if it backs up. Occasionally, lint or other small items from the washing machine can build up in the pipe, causing it to clog or back up.

Overflow Holes

Do not buy a strong chemical drain cleaner if you want to get rod of a clog. The chemicals can be damaging to your skin, but will open your drain. If you decide to use them, protect your arms and hands so they are not exposed to these chemicals.

TIP! Tankless water heaters are good things for environmentally conscious individuals to think about buying. Instead of collecting,storing and heating multiple gallons of water, a tankless model heats water on demand as you require it.water heater installation san antonio

Ensure that the overflow holes in them. Clear the overflow holes periodically when you are doing your periodic checks for problems and things that need to be repaired.
When purchasing new plumbing fixtures, you might want to consider brass ones. Brass models pose the advantages of durability and longevity. Also, the appearance of the brass fixtures is a lot prettier than similar counterparts. These fixtures are sold in most hardware and home improvement stores.

TIP! If you’re a professional plumber, consider taking an amateur under your wing as an apprentice. This is an easy way to have someone work a bit more affordably, and you may find it gratifying to pass on all the information you know to someone else.

Installing shower heads that are more effective can save you a lot of money when it comes to your energy bill. Most hot water we use is in the home is used while showering. By installing energy-efficient shower heads for a few extra dollars, you could save at least $100 a year per person who showers in your house.
If you do a lot of work outdoors, you’ll need to take frequent breaks in the shade. Exposure to direct sunlight can be very dangerous, so don’t work so hard that you forget to take breaks.

TIP! Immediately turn off the water supply to your water heater using the shut-off valve if you notice any water on the ground around the base of the tank. If you don’t, that small leak could become a big leak that can be hard to shut off.

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Error in major climate study revealed – warming NOT higher than expected

A major new climate study in the journal Nature got worldwide media coverage for finding that the oceans warmed dramatically faster than previously thought — but now the researchers have retracted that conclusion after a man in the United Kingdom blogged about flaws he discovered in the paper.

Just two weeks after publication, the study authors have revised their paper, and now conclude that the oceans are warming fast — but at the same rate as other measurements have found.

A study co-author took responsibility for the error. “I accept responsibility for these oversights because it was my role to ensure that details of the measurements were correctly understood and taken up by coauthors,” study co-author Ralph Keeling wrote in an explanation of the revision.


The error was first discovered by Nic Lewis, a retired British man who holds a bachelors degree in math from the University of Cambridge and who reads science papers for fun. He has also written a couple of published papers of his own on climate science.

“I’ve always liked to understand the world and to check whether people’s research makes sense to me. Once I find something that seems wrong to me, I like to get to the bottom of it,” Lewis told Fox News.

Lewis said the incident should serve as a cautionary tale.


“I think it shows that the fact that a study is peer-reviewed and published by a premier journal gives very little assurance that its findings are valid,” Lewis said.

“I was slightly surprised that neither the peer reviewers nor the editor had spotted what seemed to me an obvious red flag on page 1 of the paper,” he added.

Lewis said that the reviewers who approved that paper may have looked less closely for errors because the conclusion agreed with the typical belief that global warming is an extreme crisis.


But all involved, including Lewis, agree that manmade greenhouse gas emissions are warming the oceans.

“People shouldn’t be left with the impression that the errors in this paper put into doubt whether the ocean interior is warming. It clearly is wholly or mainly due to human greenhouse gas emissions,” Lewis said.

The study co-author who took responsibility for the error also made that point.


“The evidence for ocean warming continues to be supported by millions of temperature readings throughout the oceans made by the international Argo network of sensors,” Keeling told Fox News.

The Argo network of sensors consists of nearly 4,000 floats around the world that observe the ocean. The study done by Keeling and his coauthors attempted to estimate ocean temperatures a totally different way — “by using measurements of atmospheric oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) … which increase as the ocean warms and releases gases.”

Keeling said that such a study still had some value.


“Our study still also provides independent evidence that the ocean is warming. We accept that our method doesn’t determine the amount of warming as precisely as we previously thought,” Keeling added.

Keeling also acknowledged Lewis for pointing out the error.

“The scientific process is self-correcting when errors are made or new evidence is discovered. Hats off to Nic Lewis for his role here,” Keeling said.


While the Earth has warmed — government data show that the planet is nearly 2°F warmer than in the 1970s — researchers like Lewis make the case that climate models are not that great and may overpredict warming.

“Climate science suffers from being politicized,” Lewis told Fox News. “It’s too infected by the idea of consensus and models… warming is likely to be less severe than global climate models say.”

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