Switchboards and Switchboard Upgrades – Commercial Electricians

Switchboards and Switchboard Upgrades – Commercial Electricians – Call Us Today

If you have an old house you should check if your breaker box has the following components:electricians

Surge protector x1 (Minimum recommended)

RCDs or Safety Switches x2

Circuit Breakers or MCBs (Highly recommended)

Main Isolating Switch

Contact immediately if your breaker box doesn’t have all these components!

Every year, homes are damaged or completely destroyed because of fires that are caused by electrical accidents. It is necessary to upgrade your old breaker box to one that complies with standards in order to prevent these accidents from occurring.  We can come over and evaluate your breaker box if you are unsure whether it meets the required standards.

Upgrading an old breaker box to a new one requires installing safety switches, which monitor the power that is distributed to various electronics and provides you with personal safety. Make sure that your breaker box is not a hazard and have peace of mind by allowing one of our electricians to check out your breaker box.

Secondary to an asbestos problem is the connections you can see which are of poor quality. These eventually burn out and cost a few hundred dollars to repair often at the worst possible time when you’re using your power the most. It’s all the more reason to upgrade old breaker boxes and safely dispose of this product which has been around in our houses for far too long already!

Cable insulation may be melted after several re-wirings, which can easily cause a fire.

Fuse wire sticking out of the fuse holder, due to poor installation, can be an electrocution hazard

Other common faults with old switchboards:


Sharp screws from an improper installation that can cut cables

Old VIR cabling that has snapped

Crushed cables exposing the copper

We at have seen it all before. Contact us immediately if any of these issues relate to your situation, or for more information on electrical breaker boxes and upgrades.